Why some Windows Phone apps still waste time refreshing when switching between them



Microsoft added a feature known as “Fast App Switching” or (FAS) to let its users use multiple apps at the same time but unfortunately the developers have yet not enabled the code for Windows 8.1. Steve Litchfield, best known for his work in smartphone industry for his publications on smartphone magazines and a person who has a great know hoe of Windows Phone conducted a small test to see the depth of this problem.

He loaded 20 apps into a Windows device simultaneously to check which of the apps resumed quickly and which ones are still using the old way. 7 out of 20 resumed quickly which clearly shows that a large number of apps are still using the primitive resuming method.

Steve suggests that the developers don’t have to do much to get rid of this problem. They just have to enable “FAS” in the app’s manifest file and then recompile the code for Windows 8.1 in order to speed up app switching.


This issue illustrates a common problem that Windows users are used too which is the developer support. Android and iOS have a strong developer community and support for their apps and any bugs in the app are fixed in a matter of days. But when it comes to Windows platform, Microsoft has always been lagging behind in these issues leading to the slow growth of Windows user community.