You may have an Android phone with the most cutting edge features from a well-known brand but a smartphone without the right apps installed on it is useless. There a million apps on the Google Play Store giving you plenty of choices but here we have prepared a list of must have apps for your Android device to help you enjoy your phone to the fullest

1 : Avast Mobile security and Antivirus: The chances of getting your phone infected with viruses are pretty much for an android phone. Avast Mobile security and Antivirus not only gives you anti-malware but also anti-theft tools and surprisingly the app charges you nothing: it’s free!

nexusae0_Screenshot_2013-08-23-10-34-242NAVFREE: Yes indeed Google Maps is a cool app but unfortunately when you are offline, it’s of no use to you. So you can download this amazing app NAVFREE with the local variant for any country and all the local maps will be downloaded to your device.

navfree_android_13: AUDIBLE: When you are on a long tiring journey, audio books can be a good solution to kill time. Amazon’s AUDIBLE takes you to its own audio book service and reads book to you giving the feel of listening to a radio channel.


4: LINE: Need an efficient app to provide you instant messaging, video and voice calling at the same time? Well good news! LINE offers you all these services for totally zero cost. LINE is currently at 2nd position in the Top Free category at Google Play Store.


5:MONEY TRACKER: From a large list of apps on the Google store, our favourite app for managing the incomes and outgoings is MONEY TRACKER. You can easily create folders and categories to check where your money goes every month and help you in deciding how to make savings in the future!