The story of breast cancer by Michaela Strachan


A TV presenter Michaela Strachan underwent a double mastectomy after the dignosis of breast cancer. The host of “The Springwatch” was advised to remove her both breast after the diagnosis of breast cancer. The 48 Michaela was shocked and tears starts rolling down her cheeks on the news of mastectomy. How she managed it and got agreed? To know more about the news read the full article.


Michaela Strachan underwent a mastectomy.

When Michaela came to know about her disease and told by the doctor about her mastectomy she felt unreal and got so much emotional about the removal of her both breast. Then she was explained by the doctor that what would happen next if she refuses to remove her both breasts. She got every fifth word in her conversation was cancer. She told the sources first she was much emotional about the removal of her breast but later on she was busy in celebrating the wearing of tight top to her. She expresses the overwhelming experience of her surgery. She told that it was so unreal that on Monday she was perfect and healthy and found herself a diseased person on Tuesday. Then finally she was thinking about a mastectomy on Wednesday. She told the sources that she did not feel any regret about her mastectomy and she further advised all the women to have regular check up of her breast and reduce the vulnerability to breast cancer.

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The host of “Springwatch” underwent a double mastectomy.

She was having a tough journey of her life. As she lives with her husband and her three grownups so she felt her story slight different from others but over all she was not fighting with her life. As courage women she decided her to be a lively person instead of a coward one. Best wishes for a woman who faced hardships instead of running over.