“The Equalizer”: Denzel Washington being anonyms


Denzel Washington is going to play in “The Equalizer”. The film is about war. Washington is playing as a commando who is fighting against Russian Mafia. The film is directed by Antoine Fuqua. He was also the director of 2001 film “The Training”.  The film is based upon the TV series Starring Edward Woodward. A senior media analyst called the Washington as “The very model of box-office consistency.

1                                                                                              A click of Denzel in “The Equalizer”.

He added that no one other is much consistent. He gave examples of other films of the week. These are “The Maze Runner” that worth $17.5m. The movie at the third position was “The Boxtrols” an animated movie. It worth’s about $17.3. “The Equalizer” is a reteams of 2001 film that was also directed by Antoine Fuqua. That was a best film of that time got success. It was an Oscar winning film. Denzel the leading actor of “The Equalizer” told the sources that he usually used to be unknown while in public. He acts as he is some other person but not the Denzel. He downs his celebrity status to a common man in public. He narrated that one thing is common in between him and his latest alter-ego Robert McCall ant that is the ability to get about incognito. He told that the things usually important are being a different one not by personality but by arranging some bodyguards. He further added “if you don’t draw attention to yourself and you are not walking with three or four bodyguards then nobody will notice you.