These very simple calorie-saving food swaps to help you get a flatter stomach


With just a few simple food swaps, it can be done, according to nutritionists.

Swapping morning lattes for Americanos, bread for cabbage cups and sweeteners with cinnamon could help you on your way to achieving the toned flat stomach you’re after.

London-based nutritionist Lily Soutter told FEMAIL: ‘Watching your weight doesn’t have to be doom and gloom.

‘It’s all about making savvy choices and putting a few strategies in place.’

Save up to 200 calories by cutting the milk from your coffee, says nutritionist Lily Soutter

Stop snacking on oatcakes and flapjacks and instead have three squares of good quality dark chocolate, advises nutritionist Shona Wilkinson

‘Milk can be a big trigger for those who are susceptible to bloating. 

The bacteria in our colon can ferment lactose leading to an excess production of gas. For a bloat-free flat stomach, this switch could make all the difference.’

By making a simple switch from oatcakes and flapjacks to three squares of good quality dark chocolate, London-based Shona says this will make a big difference to your waistline.
‘Instead of munching on oatcakes and flapjacks with your afternoon tea, which are high in calories, beat your sugar cravings with three squares of good quality dark chocolate, with a minimum 70 per cent cocoa.

‘This amount will only contain a relatively small amount of sugar, and there is also evidence that dark chocolate has health benefits.

‘You can also try a small pot of sugar-free plain yoghurt, with a teaspoon of pure cocoa or raw cacao powder,’ says Shona.

Instead of using sliced bread for your sandwich, try putting your favourite fillings into a red cabbage leaf,

says Lily.

‘Red cabbage cups are easy to transport, and packed full of antioxidants.
‘Wheat is extremely high in gluten, which is well known to contribute to bloating for some. Bread is also high in special carbohydrate molecules called fructans. Gut bacteria can ferment fructans, resulting in gas and bloating.’

‘Rye bread, as opposed to white bread, is usually lower in calories and will help keep you fuller for longer. 

‘Rye bread also has the health benefit of containing more fibre.’

Cheesy or creamy dressings can add 250 calories to your meal, making a healthy meal instantly unhealthy,’ says Lily.

‘By simply dressing your salads with a tablespoon of olive oil and a little lemon juice you can cut these calories by half.

Sweeteners trigger sugar receptors in the same way that real sugar does.

‘It causes increased production of insulin and — eventually — a sugar rush.

‘Cinnamon will help keep your sugar cravings at bay and speed up your metabolism,’ says Shona.

Cauliflower rice can increase your veg intake and instantly eliminate huge calories.

‘Cooked rice has 218 calories per cup, with cauliflower rice coming at 25 calories per cup.

‘This swap doesn’t have to be boring as you can flavour your cauliflower rice with a tasty combination of spices,’ says Lily.

Dried fruit often makes the list of healthy foods you should eat instead of unhealthy snacks at your desk.

But Shona says it’s much better to snack on fresh if possible.

‘Dried fruit has got a very high level of sugar that has been concentrated during the drying process.

‘Alternatively, try to eat fresh fruit that will fill you up quickly, so you eat less.

Thin-crust or “Italian-style” pizzas contain less dough and therefore fewer calories than other types, whereas stuffed crust pizzas can add 50 to 70 calories per slice, compared to a normal pizza.

‘If you really want to cut down on the calories, share a pizza rather than having a whole one.