Shabana Azmi looks respectfully on 50 years journey of Javed Iqbal


Shabana,the legend actress of bollywood industry looks respectfully at her husband’ 50 years journey in bollywood industry. Shabana Azmi, the actress and as well as a social activist thinks about her husband and the only world came to her mind is “Respect”. Detailed news is given in the article. To know it read the full article.

2011 Light Of India Awards

Javed and Shabana, a happy family.

Javed Akhter, the great musician first stepped in Mumbai fifty years before. Shabana told the sources that the word come to her mind for her husband is not less than respect. Javed Akhtar came to Mumbai fifty years before and struggled hard to make his way in B-town industry. He was a man with efforts. He came to Mumbai to pursue his career in bollywood film industry and finally got success in his first break through in film “Yakeen”.


Akhter’s family celebrated 50 years journey with a family dinner.

He had nothing while he entered in Mumbai. No food, no shelter except the determination and strength to prove himself. The talent he possesses was the only armor for him. He finds his way only struggle and finally he was awarded with the fame and popularity for which he came to B-town. Shabana posted her message on twitter last Saturday was “The 69 years old man find his first break through via “Yakeen” in 1969 and afterwards he has been awarded with a number of scripts, poems and slew of songs. That is highly appreciated. Shabana use the word “Respect” for her husband. She said whenever I think about him the word come to my mind is “Respect”. Farhan Akhter the son of Javed Akhter said that the family has celebrated his long journey with family lunch. The actor tweeted that “celebrating lunch with family on the completion of 50 years long journey, since he first stepped in the train at Mumbai central station with a big dream.