Salman Khan finds Isabelle more talented than Katrina


Salman is a big fan of Kaif family. He was supporting Isabelle Kaif for her film Dr. Cabbie. A Canadian project presented by Salman Khan via Salman Khan Being Human Production. He visited Toronto to promote the film. He also made an exception for the film by watching it twice. Well what is the thinking of Salman about Kat and Isabelle?

Salman khan despite of their break up is supposed to be good friends. Both are insisting to be in friendship even after they are not in any relationship. This was proved several times by both.

1                                                           A triangle of Salman, Katrina and Isabelle.

Recently Salman went to Toronto for promoting Isabelle Kaif. As promised by Salman to Katrina that he would launch her sister in a leading role and he fulfilled his promise by officially doing it. He not only launches Isabelle but also went to Toronto for the promotion of the film and also made an exception by watching the movie “Dr. Cabbie” twice within 24 hours while super stars usually avoid watching any film twice in consecutive hours. He appreciated Isabelle for his endeavoring efforts in the movie.

2                                              Isabelle shaking leg with Salman at Dr. Cabbie’s music launch.

He complemented Isabelle by giving his opinion that Isabelle is more talented than Katrina Kaif. He also appreciated other stars of the film including Kunal Nayyar and Vinay Virmani for their splendid roles in Dr. Cabbie. Katrina was also thankful and appreciated Salman Khan for his support to her sister.

3                                                          Salman promoting Isabelle after his break up with Kat.

Well Salman thinks Isabelle is more talented than Kat.well time reveals that this statement in secures Kat or she is happy for Isabelle success. But salman decided to completely support Isabelle. He has a plan to dub the movie in regional languages and to release the movie in Asian Countries. Well Salman thumbs up for you for supporting your ex girlfriend’s sister.