Recognized personalities are happily embracing Islam :)


Islam is a religion of peace, modesty and affection. It did never force ones to accept Islam by force but it always welcome to people to be  a member of Islamic society. So, in this regard I am representing some of highly recognized names who are now be a part of Islamic community. They are most welcomed and we heartily congratulate them on it.

First Female Astronaut Sunita Williams

thumbsunitawilliamsphot First Female Astronaut Sunita Williams Accepted Islam

Sunita Williams a US astronaut of Indian origin has converted to Islam. She is the first ever lady who went to space and moon. She has recently returned to the earth after her 197 days’ stay on a space station along with her other four crew members. She embrace Islam right after returning back on earth and she revealed some amazing facts about Islam. She told that When she looked towards the earth from moon, all the scenes were blank but the two places, glowing even at the same time in the dark. On examining by the telescope, it was nothing but the Holy Kaaba and Masjid-e-Nabvi (Subhan Allah). Another astonishing fact she mentioned that all the frequencies can be feel on the moon but the sound of Azaan can be heard clearly. 

Untitled First Female Astronaut Sunita Williams Accepted Islam

The above pictures taken from the sattellite are showing clearly the both Holy Places and I think right after it there is nothing more behind the force of Islam which will remain till the Last Day of Judgement. Insha-Allah.

WWE Champion Undertaker

In the last Interview of Under taker he declared the fact that he converted to Islam and believes in Allah Almighty. This is in fact a great news for the Muslims that the people from West are coming towards Islam. Undertaker embraced Islam in the Holy month of Ramadan and he is Islamic named Mohammad Ismael. Though there are many questions arise regarding to his WWE Career and his fans but we congratulate him for his this encouraged action.

undertaker converts to islam1 The Dead Man Gets a New Life in Islam