Randeep Hooda now ready to amuse us via “Rang Rasiya”



Randeep Hooda started his career in bollywood industry through “Kick”. With the exceptional response he entered in the hearts of public and succeeded in getting a chance to show his exceptional performance in “Rang Rasiya”. The film is about love between a painter and his muse. They wait for a long time and after a period of six years they found a luminance day.

The film “Rang Rasiya” is directed by Ketan Mehta. He used a 19th century theme. He is very versatile director. The title song of “Rang Rasiya” is released on 21st august, 2014. The song has a spiritual affect. It depicts the story of the film.

Director Ketan Metha sealed the date for the launch of song because the participating pair celebrates their birthdays correspondingly on 19th and 20th of august. So Ketan Mehta decided to give surprise to both of the leading couple. Mehta announced that the song is special gift to both of the leading actors in film as they were waiting for this impatiently.

The film is a mixture of Indian and western influence. It depicts the story of an Indian painter who owes the position of finest painter of india. Randeep as Raja Ravi Varma accepted the challenge of this film and according to Ketan he really justifies his role in film.

The film is full of controversies. In movie varma secured the position of the painter who first painted the Indian god. He changed the way worship. Finally he also succeeded in getting the idea of freedom. Ketan says that it is a part of history and the basic purpose t present this film is too aware the people about this history. The music of the film and glamour of color make the film more furnished. Well we are waiting for the block buster film.