Ranbir says the link between bollywood and sports is great



Ranbir kapoor, a stunning actor of bollywood industry is now showing more interest in making an amalgam of sports and entertainment. He is the stake holder in Mumbai City Football Club FC of the Indian Super league (ISL) football tournament. He said that it is really beneficial for the bollywood industry to involve in sports. Other B-town stars are also a part of ISL. The stars included John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan. Another B-town star Varun Dhawan is endorcing a team of Goa. Ranbir told the media at the launch of his football club that every sport should be encourage. No doubt that cricket is first love for everyone but other sports like kabaddi and football also need a platform. We should support these games as well.

He added that the opportunities given to youth to become a football or a kabaddi player is more then to support for the cricket. He told about the team of Abhishek Bachchan the Pro Kabaddi league Franchise jaipur Pink Panthers. The team won the match on Sunday. Ranbir considers this success as a part-owner for the chenaai franchise of ISL. Salman Khan is also a co-owner of Pune franchise.

He also put light on John Abraham’s team. He as a co-owner of North East United FC Goa is working to bring sports in conjugation with Bollywood celebrities. Varun Dhawan is brand ambassador of the same team. Ranbir appreciated everyone who is striving to encourage football and arranging for a good team of football. He further added that the relish game is quality proof and depends on the Stars Market of the game. He appreciated all the people who were engaged in improving the football game and creating an incompatible football team. He is determined of having a world ranking team of football that will play for world cup. He informed that the ISL league will inaugurate from Oct 12 to Dec 20 in different cities of India.