Ranbir and Katrina: tie to knot in marriage relation


The two actors were in gossips for a long time but both of them were not accepting the relationship between them. Recently Katrina accepted the reality and told the sources about the relation between her and Ranbir. The relation is now going to be stronger as the news of their marriage is in air.

image2                                                                 Ranbir and Kat are ready for wedding

Many conjectures have been arisen about the marriage of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. As the impending marriage is in speculations so different dates are given by speculators. In all these tentative dates the one that is being considered true is February 2015. Now it seems that both are willing to marry at the date speculated. Both the actors are going to tie the knot of marriage in February 2015. Both the actors were dating for a long time and recently the news reported that both of the actors were found living under same roof. The two love birds were shying to accept the relation but now both are comfortable to expose the relationship before media and the whole world.

images                                             Ranbir Kapoor admits his love for Katrina

Recent news is saying about their wedding planning that is expected to be held on February 2015.  The Kapoor family is planning for a glamorized wedding. The actress Katrina is more excited about the wedding. Both the actors want to marry before the release of their upcoming debut “Jagga Jasoos”. The decision of marriage as soon as possible shows the relation is on peak and need to tie by a knot. Well of all that someone has to pay attention to ready the lehnga for wedding. The lehnga designer should be ready to and make sure to deliver his best as Kat always choose best.