Samsung introdnokia-here-maps-iosuced its Tizen based smartwatch two days ago, the gear S which is capable of making calls and even going online without depending on the smartphone itself. Other unique features include turn by turn navigation provided by Nokia’a HERE mapping platform.  On Friday, Nokia announced that it had reach an agreement with Samsung to bring the HERE mapping application to Samsung’s Android based Galaxy and Tizen based smartphones as well as wearable devices.

Samsung Galaxy-smartphones will be the first Android devices to have this app. This deal will help the users to use the app on Samsung gear S and sync the routes between the watch and the smartphone.

Offline mode:

The good news is that the app will be available for use without an internet connection making it easily to navigate routes on the go. The app allows the users to download maps for their specific regions over WiFi and then use the maps when needed. This means that the maps will be locally saved on the phone and GPS will be used to navigate while roaming without any cost.


HERE maps cover almost 200 countries over the globe however tur by turn navigation is available for about half of them. HERE maps are one of the four major and reliable online maps which also include Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and TomTom maps.

HERE maps also offer better integration with Samsung’s Car Mode and a the famous location sharing app Glympse. Samsung’s developed app Navigator also pairs up with HERE to launch a full mapping app available on Samsung Galaxy App store as a beta version.