Nikon’s previously high end DSLR’s the D800 and D800E have now been replaced by their ancestor the D810. Nikon’s release has always been a point of great interest for DSLR lovers and this time the D810 comes with the finest resolution ever offered by Nikon. According to Nikon, the D810 offers the best picture quality ever than that present in the previous models. Well it may be a sad and rather disappointing news for the D800 and D800E owners for now their beast DSLR’s have been over taken by the new comer.


Build Quality and Design:

The Nikon D810 looks almost alike as its ancestors D800 and D800E with a much finer build quality. The body is made out of magnesium alloy giving it a frim and tough look as compared to other mid ranger DSLR’s. It is not one of the lightest DSLR’s and weighs about 830g but that’s okay keeping in mind to handle the heavy lenses present in front of it.

Furthermore the grip has improved letting the user to firmly grasp the camera while taking snaps. The device is completely weatherproof just as the previous model and the HDMI, USB and headphone ports are now covered with separate rubber flaps unlike the previous versions in which all of the ports were covered with a single flap. The button placement is more or less the same with slight improvements making the camera more user friendly.


Exclusion of low pass filter:

A low pass filter allows low frequencies to pass through while blocking the high ones resulting in rainbow effect and moire pattern. Nikon removed the low pass filters in D800E and so it did in the D810. The low pass filters also cause blurring effect so the exclusion of low pass filters from high end DSLR’s is a common practice now.



Specs and Features:

Camera: Nikon D810 has a 36.3 mega-pixel camera promising you one of the best quality mages ever offered by Nikon.

Zoom: zoom has an added feature of Live View allowing user to zoom on two different areas on screen at the same time.

Resolution: 1.23 million dots

Other features:

  • 51-point AF system with new ‘Group Area AF’ mode (inherited from D4S)
  • New ‘flat’ Picture Control mode (intended to appeal to videographers)
  • Auto ISO available in manual exposure mode
  • Zebra strips for focus checking in video mode
  • Uncompressed HDMI output with simultaneous recording to memory card
  • Built-in stereo microphone

Screen: D810 comes with a 3.2 inch screen just as the D800E but with a much better display quality.

   Price: £2700 .