Natural Foods for Weight Gain


Looking to some food guide to add up some weight to your slim skin? Well, medicines and vitamin capsules are not a permanent solution to this problem; you need to look for some permanent solution in this regard. Don’t go for artificial supplements or weight gain medicines but look for some nutritious diet instead!

Looking slim is a desire of every woman but don’t mix between slimness and weakness. If you’re weak and want to add some pounds in your weight, then you should eat up the food that is enriched with essential proteins, vitamin and fats. Nature has blessed us with a number of food items that contains core ingredients which help us in development and weight gain. Some of them are following.

Whole Fat milk: Skimmed milk is not that healthful for you as whole fat milk. Whole fat milk contains essential fats and vitamin A and D that will surely help you to gain weight. Cereals, oatmeal, sauces and shakes are best to take with whole fat milk, so immediately make use of them on regular basis for getting quick results.


Red Meat: It is rich in iron and proteins which improves your body metabolism. It also boosts your digestive functionality and also very good for blood formation. Red meat can help you to gain weight in a couple of days.


Tropical fruits: The tropical fruits like pineapple, bananas, mangoes and papaya have high level of sugar that will help you to gain weight. The natural sugar in them will provide you with required energy; if you don’t want to eat them in raw form, then make shake of them and enjoy.


Butter: It contains enough saturated fats and rich in calories as well. Butter can be used with bread or you can add it in your cooked food. It will increase your energy level and makes you physically fit.


Cheese: You can eat cheese with you favorite food items like pizza, omelets, desserts etc. Cheese is the best source of fats that will definitely help you to gain weight.