Moonwalker on the surface of Moon is a mystery by NASA Lunar Photos


We all know that man is continuously going to make efforts to explore the symptoms for living at moon. Can a life be possible to live there at the moon; this is the fact which has taken the man on moon many times. But by the latest footage published by the NASA there is an activity shown on the moon which is definitely a mystery. If you see then you can believe so, the lunar images from NASA and Google Earth seem to prove that there is really a Man on the Moon. A video posted on YouTube by user is evident the person like human across the pocked surface of the moon, casting a shadow.

NASA has not claimed yet that what it is exactly about where YouTube has already gone viral with over two million views and counting.  The owner of the video, Wowforreal, started investigating the shadow after receiving an online tip form another web user, which is reported by the Australia’s 9News.

According to the statistics of commenting on the video, viewers have endorsed the figure to everything form an alien to fictional space traveller? But it is still a mystery and we are waiting until NASA come up with an explanation. You can see the video on YouTube and on the Dailymotion as well.