Microsoft launches new MSN


Microsoft launches new MSN

Microsoft introduces a new way to explore the world you care about. A completely new version of MSN now brings you all the news and info that really matters to you in your daily routine to update from the world matched with the online services you use every day.

The new portal is specialized into seven sections including Sports, News, Health & Fitness, Money, Travel and Sports. You can also access your email accounts, your Facebook feed, Skype video calling and more all while scanning the top stories of the day.

Getting the latest sports scores and news headlines or following the topics that peak your interest is now much easier. Step on the red carpet and get all about entertainment. Master your money by tracking stocks and following the latest trends in the market. Get kitchen alerts and refresh your daily exercise routines. All this from your favorite source you trust on.

And yes! You can also create a tailored view and organize your homepage by positioning the categories where you want to locate them. Sign in and your Microsoft ID will make sure any customization you’ve made are saved and your settings carry across your devices.

All is made possible by the new MSN:

Preview the new MSN experience now.