; The first Pakistani film content website


According to the media report from Lahore: The first ever website of news of  film of Pakistan is been introduced to support the Pakistan film industry and its promotion.


The pictures and videos with film news are provided on it. A huge treasure of information about Pakistan film industry can be found on Maqsood Ahmed belonging to Lahore has designed this website. According to him this is the first website on which the records all film from 1947 to till yet are exist. The profiles singers along with the actors are arranged whereas the profiles of late artist are designed separately.


A complete record can be seen of new or old songs on this website. A lot of information along with new films is been updating every day. They claimed that from nowhere, the better information can be found of present and past history of Pakistan film industry except this website. This website is in English version which will be converted to Urdu version in the next step.