PNPOL570604001000201_04062014_110753 The app has recently been launched officially in Pakistan and is now available for 7 million smartphone users in the region. Its launch was warmly welcomed by smartphone users in the country and the app rose to second position in top free apps chart on App Store in a period of just three days. This app has been developed by Japanese developers as a medium of communication in the time of earthquakes (keeping in mind that Japan gets hit by earthquakes now and then) and the developers of the app are very hopeful that it will gain much popularity in Pakistan as it did in other countries. Besides its basic functionality, Line also provides its users with fun activities like games which are both in-app games as well as stand-alone games as well as other features like selfie camera. Line may be the only app of its kind for the users as it provides all reliable services in one package unlike other apps which are restricted to only messaging or voice calling and it may be the reason for its rapid growth. The developers of the app are constantly looking forward to make it fun for its users by adding new features like customized stickers of Pakistani celebrities for the users. It already has about ten thousand stickers for use. The app is appearing in a TV commercial also to gain reach to maximum user community in Pakistan.