KIM Kardashian: a new victim of celebrity’s nude photos


The best celebrities’ of Hollywood film industry were seen entangled by the scandals of nude photos. In the past that was a technical problem created by different technicians using their techniques to develop fake nude photos but now a days the problem turn the strategy. Now different hackers hack the nude photos of different celebrities. The celebrities use these photos for their personal affairs and no one can use these photos for their personal or professional means.


Recently KIM Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. Soccer goalie Hope Solo are found to be a victim of this problem. The nude photos of stars were leaked on 4chan early Saturday and start spreading on twitter. The photos were quickly removed from the 4chan as their new policy of copyright infringement.

Celebrities were shocked as they thought of having a very tight privacy system on their social networks. Two other stars were also got victim of nude photos of Hollywood celebrities yesterday as the ring goes wide. The stars include Jenifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Avril Lavigne as well as Disney stars are also facing the same crises. According to FBI investigation the latest Hacker is same who hacked the nude photos of previous celebrities. The case is not new for Hudgens and Sadly as far as the concern of their privacy. For Hudgen this is third time that the nude photos of stars are released without her consent. Kardashian firstly declined about it but later a comment of star was caught by E News that she thinks that it is a call for us to wake ourselves in order to make sure that we have a strong privacy settings. She further added that she thinks people have a lot of time for hacking privacy of others. Well hope FBI got some idea to solve this issue soon.