Kailash Kher at Wagah Border



Kailash Kher a sufi singer entertained us through his magical voice. He has a spiritual influence in his singing. He also possesses Indian pop style that is contaminated with Indian folk style. He sung in about 18 languages and each one was best of the best. He started his career in play back singing from the movie “Andaz”. After that he finds his way in bollywood stream. The song that made him most popular singer amongst the bollywood industry was “waisy be hota hae”. After that he gave a number of songs that raise his singing graph.

Kailash Kher at Wagah Border


Recently Kailash Kher performed a special show of Independence Day for a channel. After his show and retreat parade he visited the area of border behind the building. He was visiting with IDG and other officers but unconsciously he crossed the border when upon request of Pakistani officers he was visiting them. One of the officer told him that he has crossed the border and when he realized that he had make a mistake then Pakistani officer pacify him by saying that he crossed the border by mistake. There was no bad intention behind it. Pakistani officer gave him an okay and said that music has no boundary. Kailash Kher shook hand with Pakistani officer and the crowd gives applause and whistle to appreciate the nice behavior of Pak army officers. There is great jovial and amicable prevail all around, great folk enjoys the whole ceremony with delight and amusement.

Kailash Kher1

Kailash Kheir has announced there in crowd that today his song along with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has been released for the upcoming movie  “Desi Kattey” to refresh the friendship of both the countries , in collaboration with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He showed much interest in visiting Pakistan. Well Kailash Kher you are well come to visit our country anytime.