Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez again broke up


The musical stars of Hollywood Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are again in situation of brake up. The stars were seen together for more than a year. After all ups and downs both were again in a strong relationship. Both were spending time with one another so what causes them to move apart. Read the full article to know the detail.


Justin and Selena visiting Brazil.

The news of their brake up is revealed this week. This was shocking news for everyone because no one is hoping to happen this once again. Everyone was hoping for a strong relationship between the two. The crazy kids are thought to be in well working relationship but it could not happen and as usual both of the naïve Selena 22 and Justin 20 broke up once again.


Beautiful pair broke up now.

The reason for a splitting relation is thought to be relations of Justin with other girls. The 22 Selena Gomez got so much serious about the dinner Justin arranged with 18 years old Kendall. Well the dinner made the Selena Gomez more possessive and she had a bad fight with Justin in Paris. Justin took the Selena’s former BFF Kendall Jenner at a romantic dinner in Paris and called the meeting as business deal. They were already fighting before the party and during the party he hardly paid any attention to Selena and found busy in flirting other girls. According to the sources Selena straight moved towards airport after the fight. Instead of staying with Justin as she planned she left as soon as possible. Later she tweeted that her fight with Justin was random and long. According to sources Selena wants to be mature for her relation with Justin but filed to do so. It seems that Selena had already decided to enough with Justin at Paris. Well waiting for the next turn in their relation.