Javed Sheikh: Namaloom Afrad now ready to hit Pakistani Cinemas


The legend actor Javed Sheikh found himself still young and a brilliant actor of lollywood film industry. His enthusiastic efforts made the industry to survive till. The actors are the real composition of any film industry instead of the money power. Javed proved it via his extra ordinary performance in “Namaloom Afrad”.

2                                                                                A beautiful click of Urwa for “Namaloom Afrad”.

After a long span Pakistani film industry is reproducing an intellectually prepared entertainment. Yes the one and only “Namaloom Afrad” that is a big blast of 2014 in Pakistan. The movie is ready to strike on screen on Eid this month. The entire cast includes Urwa, Fawad, Mohsin Abbas and the great Javed Sheikh. The film is directed by a new age Director Nabeel Qurashi.

333333333                                                                                 Entire cast of “Namaloom Afrad” posing for the poster.

He is the director of modern age and understands the necessities of modern film industry. He possesses the ability of managing the perfect match between an intelligent filmmaking sense and the expenditure of money. The film is very smartly crafted and completely satisfies the sentences of Paisa vasool. Javed Sheikh is very much sentimental about the present condition of lollywood film industry. His efforts to improve it are not veiled. He showed his best crafts in the movie. Urwa, Farhan and Mohsin Abbas are full of confidence about the debut. They are determined about the success of the film.