Htc 1


The Taiwanese giant smartphone maker HTC has released a windows counterpart of its existing flagship phone HTC ONE M8. The premium user experience including front facing speakers, voice controls as in the original M8 are now available with fully customizable Live Tiles home screen. Well thanks to the latest Windows 8.1 update which allowed the developers to mount Windows OS on top of the same hardware that supported the 4.4.2 KitKat version in the original flagship.


The hardware is entirely identical to the Android sibling of this device with same chassis, screen, microprocessor, memory and storage built into both devices. The buttons in this device have been replaced by their counterparts in Android version. The difference lies in the talk time for both phones where the Windows M8 exceeds the Android M8 by a 3G talk time of 22 hours versus a talk time of 20 hours and a stand by time of 528 hours versus the 496 of Android machine. That may give rise to the question whether the new Windows OS is more energy efficient as compared to the latest Android versions and the Windows version of the device may be a considerable option for the buyer community.


Other specs are the same like the 5 inch HD display and a 2.3 GHz quad core processor with Snapdragon chipset. The camera is also the same in both devices, a rear facing camera of 4 ultra-pixels.

HTC already has had a good time working with Microsoft powered devices producing some very stylish Windows phones such as the 8s and 8X and HTC is the first one to deploy both Android and Windows OS on same hardware specs.

The phone is currently available in gun metal grey colour and on Verizon mobile only on contract basis for $99. But soon AT&T plans to launch it too.