Google’s New Program Pushes for Paperless Education


Another incredible share from Google for the users. Guess what it is relate to. Yes! Google launched a new tool named Tuesday, designed to facilitate the teachers-students communication more effectively from its Apps store for Education setup.

Google Classroom  is a platform similar to the LMS (learning management system) like Canvas.


  1. Submission of assignments through Google Drive
  2. Examine the due date of assign homework
  3. Enable teachers to leave comments and feedback on turned-in work
  4. Make possible to post general announcements


  1. Available I 42 languages
  2. Mobile friendly

It was previewed in beta beginning May 6 but will now be accessible to anyone in the global education system, public and private. Google is still improving the program gradually, so need to check back sometimes to see if they have access. The Education suite Apps is free at all but users have to register with a school code to use Classroom.

Here is the preview of what a typical Classroom page looks like:

Google Classroom screenshot