Europe’s Consumer Show IFA 2014 will feature some ‘off the hook products


Berlin will host IFA show this week. Every tech company is eyeing for a blast of a review for their products. Europe’s largest consumer electronics trade show will feature smart phones, 4K HD display technology, smart watches and much more. Samsung is already the world’s largest phone maker, and with the debut of its new Android-powered “phablets,” it’s looking to tighten its grasp on that title.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

With Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors (515 pixel density) ; 16MP camera that can record at 2160p and super fast quad core processors. The Note 4 is going to be the first ‘phablet’ of Samsung. Galaxy Note Edge has a curved right side that can show notifications. Samsung also revealed the Gear VR, a VR headset that uses the Note 4 in tandem with Oculus VR virtual reality technology.

Samsung Galaxy

LG flexible 4K OLED TV

After Sony launched its 4K BRAVIA, Samsung and LG have been on their feet with the newest standard in ultra-high-definition displays, 4K TV, and the two Korean giants brought out the big guns at IFA. Samsung announced a 105-inch bendable (curved) 4K TV. LG is not too far and showed off its own bendable 77-inch 4K TV that also features cutting-edge OLED display technology. 4K and OLED combined give superior results.

LG flexible 4K OLED TV

Dyson’s Eye 360 robot vacuum

It took 16 years, $47 million, and more than 200 engineers, but Dyson has finally released a robot vacuum. Called the Dyson 360 Eye, it uses Dyson’s V2 brushless DC motor. The same unit that powers Dyson’s popular cordless vacuums for optimal cleaning performance. It gets around on tank-like tracks instead of wheels, can be remotely controlled using a smartphone app, and navigates using a unique camera-based system. The 360 Eye can see where it’s going and where it’s been, so it doesn’t waste its efforts.


Panasonic Technics hi-fi sound systems:

Pleasing ears as much as eyes, Panasonic piqued the interest of audiophiles everywhere with the relaunch of its iconic Technics brand.The Technics R1 Reference Class sound system promises the most true-to-life sounds ever produced from a Panasonic speakers, but that performance will cost you dearly. The estimated price is said to be well into five-figure territory—possibly around $40,000.


Asus ZenWatch:

The in discussion ZenWatch has been creating quiet a buzz around Focus Taiwan in a report has quoted Shen, who in a media briefing confirmed that the company’s new ZenWatch will be priced below $199, without revealing the exact pricing of the smart watch.

Shen is also quoted to have said the ZenWatch will come with a voice recognition feature, which will initially work in English

zen watch