A shocking jerk from the side of England team to Indian cricket team


Top 4th position Indian cricket team have to face a ashamed lose by England at Manchester in 4th test by one innings and 54 runs. The decision has already in favor of England team on 3rd day of 4th test match at Fold Tr afford Stadium, The bating side of Indian cricketers once again prove failure before England bowlers and all the team move towards the Pavilion on 161 runs.

Before it after the very lunch break English team out by making 367 runs in its first innings on starting of the play and thus it got excellence of 214 runs on host team. In response, Indian Batsman once again get failed before English bowlers and lost wickets turn by turn. No single player except Dhooni can perform prominently and all the remaining 6 players go back to pavilion on zero ducks.



We all have seen the celebrations of Indian team many times on its victory especially against Pakistan but now this is a moment when India should also learn a lesson from its deadful defeat against England because it is not all time promising to get victory and make celebrations in unethical manners. Well this is not a big issue for big celebrations by India but a big defeat for India.

Congratulation England!

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