Emraan Hashmi,Most loved actor in Pakistan says Humaima Malik


The Pakistani actress Humaima Malik started career in Bollywood, Let’s check out what she have said about her co-star!



Humaima Malik the most stylish and paid actress of lollywood industry know busy in promotions of her project Raja Natarwal. Her first project in bollywood that is now ready to release. The film is offered by Kunal Deshmukh. The co-star with Humaima is Emraan Hashmi. During the promotion of her upcoming movie Raja Natarwal in Bangalore Humaima said that Emraan is most loved actor in Pakistan. He is most popular among Pakistani public. People wait for his movies. She also told the sources that the music of her upcoming movie “Raja Natarwal” will become very hit in Pakistan. When Humaima was asked about her working experience with Emraan. She answered that Emraan is most humble person. He does not interfere with the freedom and space of other actors. She told that when she was offered for the film and asked to visit Emraan she was very nervous for first meeting. But after meeting Emraan she came to realized she felt calm. Humaima is slightly worried about the reactions of Pakistani People on lip kissing seen in movie with Emraan Hashmi. She says “I don’t know how our public will react on this”.


Emraan told about his role that he is not willing of doing con movies but he accepted the offer of this movie because it retains soul and spirit in it. The movie is heart touching. He further told that con movies are usually superficial that is the reason of being not interested in such movies but the movie “Raja Natarwal” is one of the movie that not only shows an emotional touch but also depict the true love. The movie will be released on august 29, 2014. Humaima and Emraan are very confident for their upcoming movie “Raja Natarwal”. They are hopeful for the success of the movie and calling the movie a block buster. Well best of luck to Humaima for her upcoming movie to be a block buster.