Don’t surprise! lose weight while sleeping


Your weight is a balancing act, more you eat calories than you burn, more you gain weight. And in adverse, results show you fitness. But here we are going to share a rare info from which mostly fitness conscious guys do not aware. And that is a complete sleep. Yes! What about losing weight while sleeping?



Take a well sleep is the first step towards losing weight. It lets the organs to work properly in the body. Research also shown that in case of a person who does not sleep well enough, food cravings take place due to certain mechanism which take place in the body. It is strictly recommended by the doctors that each person should take a sleep for at least  eight hours a day.

Weight Training

Weight training is one of a great way of losing weight. It not helps in burning calories, but also increases the rate of metabolism. This helps the body to burn fat at a greater rate even hours after the weight training has been done. This process continues even after a person has slept.

Exercise before sleeping

Light exercise before going to bed to sleep is also a great way to keep your metabolic rate high as you sleep. This will help your body to burn calories at an increased rate while you sleep and you will be losing weight as well. Make sure that the workout is not intense since research has shown that workputs can take a sleep away.

Stay Cold

It may be a little uncomfortable for most people, but its really effective. Increase the cooling in the night and don’t use a blanket. The body will naturally work harder to keep itself warm and a large number of calories will be utilized during the process.

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