Dominican Republic banned on Miley Cyrus concert




Miley Cyrus is an American pop singer. She is simultaneously a singer, actress and song writer. She amazed audience not only through her singing but also due to her audacious act. Some applause for her daring behavior but some refuse it. Dominican Republic government is one of the strongly opponents of Miley Cyrus twerking act. According to Dominican Republic government she shows dance movement in sexually provocative manner to attract the audience. They added that it is strictly against the morality. Her odd act does not fit to morality grounds.


So they decided to ban the singing show that would hold on 13th September. Upon asking the commission told that Miley Cyrus usually performs in a way that is punishable in Dominican Laws. She was seen in a cannabis pattern leotard during a singer’s Bangerz world tour and she tried to stimulate oral sex on Bill Clinton impersonator. She also committed the illegal act of smoking cannabis on stage. In the capital of Santo Domingo the tickets were being sold since July. The price of tickets is from $27 to $37.


In a notice that was sent to SD concert and live nation companies –organizers of the concert, CNEPR entertainment condemned the singer due to odd act used by singer in live concerts.


Commission claimed that besides wearing vulgar and in appropriate clothing she uses the language and such actions that urge the sexual behavior of people.  She always uses the words that possess the dual meanings, the hint of crime or violence, the urge of sex or lesbian sex or any immoral act that deepens its root in the soil of immortality. It attacks the innocence of children and creates a negative sense in adolescent. Commission also banned previously the songs considered to be vulgar and immoral as it destroys the beauty of human moral character.