Decision on Azhar’s ODI captaincy soon: Shahryar


LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shahryar Khan has said it’s time to seriously ponder if Azhar Ali should continue to captain the ODI team, as questions arise around the skipper’s leadership skills following Pakistan’s 1-4 defeat to England.

In a TV interview, the PCB chairman said a decision will soon be made on Azhar’s captainship. “But captain or not, Azhar would continue to play as batsman given his recent performance,” he said.

Shahryar Khan said that Pakistan have several important matches ahead of them which is why a decision will soon be made with careful consideration.

He made it clear that it would not just be his decision; instead he would consult head coach, selector and colleagues before deciding.

When asked if Azhar Ali would continue to be in the ODI team or only play Tests, the PCB chairman lauded the batsman’s performance in the series against England, saying that even if Azhar doesn’t stay as ODI captain he would nevertheless continue to be part of the team as a batsman.