Ben Affleck credits his wife for keeping him calm


B1                                                                            Affleck and his wife Garner looking amazing.

Ben told the sources that he feels terror when he was about to start his new project. He says that the credit goes to his wife to put a calming effect on him against his terror that he feels for his upcoming project. The actor has an experience of many years of working in Hollywood industry but still he finds terror whenever he started a new project. He considers this terror as motivation for his further projects. Affleck told the sources that the terror becomes his motivation or kick for my a**  into gear because my feelings at that time like oh my God the film is ruined by me or I don’t know about what to do and how to do.

B2                                                   Affleck is enjoying with his wife and oldest daughter.

He considers it a good driving factor for him. He says that this is his theory that once you lose you will go downhill. He told that it is the effort of my wife that I am being able to eradicate all the terror out of my mind. According to Affleck his wife Jenifer Garner is a kind supportive tolerant woman. Whenever he gets entangled in his words like he can’t do this or it is impossible. But his wife Garners stands by all this through. She will just argue about what I said before every movie Affleck continued. She says that I repeat these sentences before every movie. She says that I listen the songs again and again and rewrite the scenes which I don’t like much. Actually that is the reason of my terror. Off all that she puts a calming influence through her words.