Angelina Jolie decided to direct Richard Leaky Biopic “Africa”


Angelina Jolie the amazing actress and astonishing filmmaker are hired to direct the film. This is a feature film that depict paleoanthropologist and conservationist Richard’s campaign against the poachers which are continues danger for African elephants. This is the fourth film that Julie is going to direct. The production house supporting this movie is Sky dance Productions the company that is responsible for the release of “Terminator” and “Mission Impossible”. The screen play has to be done by “Eric Roth”. Eric is an Oscar winning actor. He got Oscar for his debuting “Forest Gump”.

11111                                                                              Angelina looking stunning.

Jolie told the sources that she possess a strong connection with Africa and its culture. Leaky has a strong conflict with elephant poachers. Leaky posses a great will power to recognize the man footprints and feels great responsibility for the world around him. Leaky also served as a head of Kenya’s wildlife conservation and Management department. Sky dance production acquires change by producing the film “Africa”. The cinematographer of “Unbroken” Roger Deakins will join Angelina soon after “Unbroken” on “Africa”. “Unbroken is a story of a sports man who got imprisoned during World War II. The movie is to release in December. Sources also told that Jolie is also working for another drama that is directed by Jolie is “By the Sea”. The drama is written and Directed by Jolie with the cooperation of her husband Brad Pitt. The drama will be on air from july.