Amazing homemade skin whitening tips


White skin is the desire of every man and woman. Skin is the most delicate part of body and as well as it enhance your beauty. Some people have fair color and some have normal and dull skin. Those who have dull complexion always apply variant creams, lotions and other whitening products. Now a days the craze of fairer skin become increase not only in eastern side but also around the world. Women are much worried about their complexion and always apply distinctive things on faces to make fair color. Skin whitening products are available in markets and you can easily buy whitening creams from markets. You can apply various creams and lotions to make your skin fair and glowing. These creams works only limited time when you are using. When you never use any product your skin becomes in real condition. The skin whitening creams and lotions contains agents’ aloe Vera, bleach and lemon extract which reduce the production melanin and prevents skin from darkening. These whitening products are costly and everyone can not afford them. If you are not able to purchase expensive whitening products, so you can try our homemade skin whitening tips. These tips are not only cheap but help to prevent skin from harmful damages caused by the chemicals in many skin whitening creams and lotions. These are some homemade skin whitening tips.

Fresh coconut water

This is most effective home remedy for your skin complexion. Coconut water is best for your skin and removes dark spots. Wash your face with coconut water daily and your skin color becomes white in just few days.


Honey and almond

One of the amazing tips for your whitening skin is honey and almond. You can make skin whitening mask by mixing of these things add 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of powder milk and half tsp of almond oil. Apply this mask on your face for 10-15 minutes and after this wash your face with fresh water.

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Potato slice

This is another homemade skin whitening tip. Cut slices of potato and keep in cold water for few minutes. Rub the slice on your skin it removes wrinkles and your skin becomes fairer.