10 google search tips that will make your search accurate and time saving



Google Flight Search:

Choose your flight from a simple list of results, explore destinations on a map, and find travel dates with the lowest fare with Flight Search. You can choose the best suiting travel for you.


Attari Breakout:

Fed up with work. Don’t have any games installed or don’t want to go to any irritating online gaming websites??

Simply search “Attari breakout” on google and click Images.

2                                                                                         Your very own classical brick game is available!!

Google Public Data Explorer:

Works great if you want stats in form of charts and graphs. Can give unemployment in US or Government debt in Europe.

Google translations:

A very nifty way to translate from any language to any language. It also provide pronunciation for the sake of better understanding.

 Google nutrition comparison search:

Want to know if banana has more sugar than apple or orange has less calories than melon. Just type compare banana and apple” and google does the rest.


Google definitions:

Type define with any word to get definitions of a word or a phrase. It will also give what part of speech it is and also provide its’ pronunciation.

 Google nGrams:

Crazy about novel, story books. You can get stats and comparisons of all time selling books within any given span of time. Results in form of graphs makes it easier to read and analyze.

 Google Sky:

This just made my day and I almost dropped my jaw. Wow if you think Google Earth is great, then Google Sky is going to blow your mind. It lets you search the heavens and see images of stars, planets and galaxies taken from telescopes, probes and satellites.

 Exclude search terms:

Google’s algorithms are really good at searching the Internet to find the information you’re looking for. Sometimes, though, I’m sure you get frustrated because you keep getting popular results that just aren’t right. Tweak your search using the minus (-) symbol. Just put it before any words you don’t want to show up. Say you want to search for “puppies,” but don’t want to see sites that sell them. Just type in “puppies -sales” and you’re set.